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Stephen Moyer Participates in LAFEST

Steve was snatched up by The Hollywood Reporter to play for their team at LAFEST, a charity soccer tournament held today, March 24th, in LA. And his team is doing pretty good, as they’ve won three matches so far, making it into the playoffs!* Go Team THR!

More about LAFEST:

On March 24, 2013, the first LAFEST kicks off at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles. The full day of events—featuring a 5v5 entertainment industry soccer tournament, a celebrity soccer game, and a youth soccer showcase—expects dozens of teams from film, entertainment, media and advertising as well as two full teams of celeb players along with children of all ages.

LAFEST marks the coming together of the New York Film and Entertainment Soccer Tournament (NYFEST) concept, founded by Sony Pictures Classics EVP of Acquisitions & Production and college soccer player, Dylan Leiner, and  filmmaker and former professional soccer player, Jeffrey Saunders, and the Mia Hamm and Nomar Garciaparra Celebrity Soccer Challenge, which was launched in 2008 by soccer Hall-of-famer Mia Hamm and baseball great Nomar Garciaparra.

LAFEST will be the preeminent soccer event of its kind, bringing together soccer players, their families, fans and aficionados of the game from the film, television, music, publishing, fashion and new media worlds.

Proceeds will be donated to the Mia Hamm Foundation and Grassroot Soccer.

*At the time this was published, it was reported that Team THR had won their third match, making it into the playoffs. We’ll be providing updates and photos as they become available.

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